The unprecedented adoption of mobile technologies has changed the traditional workplace. Employees are no longer tethered to a fixed workspace and can work virtually anywhere. 1/3 of the global workforce currently have mobile work capabilities. Traffic gridlock is destroying employee productivity and quality of life. Real estate costs continue to escalate. The conventional corporate office no longer works and needs to be changed.

Treehouse has turned the traditional office model on its ear with the creation of the Treehouse Mobile Workforce Solution. We are building a network of upscale business centres around the GTA allowing corporate employees to work close to home rather than commuting into a central office location. We also take the worry out of managing a remote workforce through our mobile workforce management software which allows managers to stay connected with their remote staff in real time. All they need is a smart phone and a laptop or tablet and they can work anywhere in the Treehouse network.

Drive down real estate costs.

 Improve workforce productivity and employee engagement.

 Reduce your carbon footprint.

 Attract and retain the best talent

Let Treehouse show you how
Hours spent commuting each day by the average Toronto commuter.
Unoccupied traditional office space.
Real estate cost per employee in downtown Toronto
of the global workforce will work remotely by 2020.

Treehouse Software Suite

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